we understand the importance of your brand experience. that is why everything we do is of the highest quality - the delicious tasting chocolate, the creative packaging and of course our service.

the chocolate

your chocolates are made ‘according to the traditions of the master chocolatier’.

we use 70% cocoa dark chocolate or 33% cocoa milk chocolate (special order).
the graphics are made uniquely using only white chocolate.
your chocolates will always be made fresh to order and have a best before date of 12 months from delivery.

the packaging

as a finishing touch, your chocolates will come presented in beautiful packaging of your choice, made with the finest creative papers and customised with your company branding.

the papers

to really help express your brand in the way you want, we stock a vibrant collection of creative papers to use for your packaging.

if you'd like to take your customisation a step further, we also offer an option to use papers that you may already be using within your brand.

print finishes

to customise your packaging, we offer a variety of options. the most popular is hot foil print, which gives the packaging a beautiful and luxurious finish. we also offer embossing and full colour print. if you want to be a little more creative, you may also choose to have a combination of these print finishes.

chocolate configurations

the chocolates come in a variety of sizes and each with a range of packaging styles. most of the chocolates are also available in a variety of layouts to best fit your artwork.

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